Avis Undercover

Avis has a problem with getting cars their customers have driven to point B but leaving them there without taking it back to point A. Enter Avis Undercover. A Facebook game where we made damn sure people for a cheap penny would love to drive the cars back to point A for us.

Avis Undercover
In Sweden people hire a car to drive a car from one destination to another, leaving the car often miles away. The car needs to be returned somehow. This is done by either shipping the car back by trailer (read expensive) or putting them online for others to, for a cheap penny, drive them back the same way they came from.
This is where our campaign came into play. 
To promote this need from Avis we made up a game where you would get a "mission" to get from A to B. During your drive you got more tasks to complete and everything was to be filmed and put out on a campaign website.
Teaser image.
Public countdown site.
Sharing the initiative on Facebook etc.
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