Graham Beck Wine

The importer and distributor of Graham Beck in Sweden, Primewine, commissioned Creative Space to develop the marketing platform for this South African wine. This was one of a series of ads we produced. High impact in all press gave Graham Beck a solid boost in sales.

Graham Beck
Probably one of the "most value for money" wines of South African on swedish Systembolaget (in Sweden Systembolaget has a monopoly for selling alcoholic beverages over 3,5%). Aside of that fact, making ads for wines is highly regulated which makes marketing them quite a challenge.
Creative Space helped Primewine (the importer of Graham Beck to Sweden) with both a series of ads and a newly built branding platform suited to the swedish audience. Below you can view the results. In figures; sales soared.
Ad in client magazine.
Nwespaper ad. "A dinner with Graham Beck is like Facebook without friends."
Nwespaper ad for the Bag in a box. "A dinner without Graham Beck is ike Apple without Jobs".
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